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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 7, 2014 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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anything you want to. >> hop in as these courageous drivers take you on an inspiring journey. >> you don't like this country, get the hell out of here. >> driven an america tonight special series and don't miss the premiere of borderland, a ground breaking television event on al jazeera america >> a promising new lead in the search for flight mh370. ships scouring the indian ocean have picked up signals similar to sounds emitted by the plane's black box. >> unrest in ukraine. anti-government protesters storms buildings. >> voters in afghanistan head to the polls this weekend in afghanistan. they are casting ballots for the country's new president.
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>> breaking ground for same-sex couples in latin america. a gay couple's child is baptised in a catholic church in argentina. >> hi there, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm thomas drayton. officials say they have the most promising lead in the search for missing malaysian flight mh370. an australian ship has picked up a pulse, not far from where a chinese ship heard signals the day before. the plane vanished a month ago with no answers as to why it disappeared with 230 on board. officials are hopeful the jet will be found soon. >> today i can report some
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encouraging information which has unfolded over the last 24 hours. the towed pinger locatinger deployed from "ocean shield" has detected signals consistent with those emitted by aircraft black boxes. significantly this would be consistent with transmissions from both the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder. it's probably the best information that we have had. >> verifying the frequency is a critical next step. the water in the search area is 15,000 feet deep. chinese and australian ships can listen for signals up to depths of 20,000 feet. we'll follow new developments. >> protests in ukraine caused the acting president to cancel a trip abroad.
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pro-russian protesters stormed government buildings and three cities on sunday, clashing with police, throwing eggs and stones and escalating to fire bombs. the acting president cancelled a planned visit to lithuania and called for the security chiefs to deal with the current unrisk. today's protests was in donetsk. we have the latest >> taking their protest to the seat of power in donetsk. pro-russia activists lay siege to the region's government administration building. covered in symbols of their allegiance. demonstrators took control of the building, the gang calling on the thousands outside to join them. protesters set up barricades, welcoming those carrying supplies. many arrived with weapons,
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telling us they are ready for a flight. >> people say the eastern region of donetsk is not being listened to and a referendum allowing them to join moscow is the only which. >> translation: we want freedom for our arrested leaders and are illegally repressed. >> translation: we will remember viktor yanukovych as the best of our presidents. >> joining us through the building act visits hoped it would be annexed like crimea. because authorities have not acted fast enough they have set up a people's council and will elect their own representatives. there are similar scenes elsewhere. a state security building was stormed. three people were injured and
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dosens arrested. by nightfall police lowered their shields. a sign that kiev is losing control of the east. >> over the weekend ukraine's state security service confiscated hundreds of rifles, grenades and petrol bombs. amateur video provides an up-close look at violence inside a syrian refugee camp in jordan. syrian refugees and jordanian security forces are blaming each other for the fighting. the violence left one dead and dozens injured. they used tear gas against stone-throwing refugees who set fire to tents and cars. in war-torn syria rebels have been on the run, but they are making gains in a port city. syrian forces continued to pound
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rebel conditions in aleppo. the fighting is forcing christians out of a town, north of the city. >> this is the aftermath of a syrian army raid in aleppo. a barrel filled with explosives hit the area. witnesses say there were many casualties. other parts of the stay came under heavy bombardment in the latest offensive by the syrian military. president bashar al-assad's troops made gains around aleppo, and near the border of lebanon. the rebels have been pushing into what was considered bashar al-assad's best-protected strong hold of latakia. there were rumours on social media of mass abbingers against ar -- mass abbingers against
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armenian christians. >> some of the save kessab ads insinuated that turkey, which has been accused of turkey 100 years ago is aiding syrian rebels in order to commit similar crimes. the accusations are denied by the rebels. they say they coordinated with the red crescent. >> in order to take you to latakia we need to make sure you'll be safe on the road. the last thing we wish is for you to be hit by a tanker. >> 18 people, mostly elderly, have been taken by bus to the board are. the armenians say they've been treated well by the rebels. the sarian poiption -- syrian opposition accused bashar al-assad's government to promote itself as a protector of
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minorities. save aleppo is a response by activists to draw attention to the fact that they say all syrians are suffering in the war. the leader of hezbollah and lebanon says bashar al-assad is no longer in danger of falling much hezbollah has been fighting alongside syrian government troops, prompting sectarian violence in lebanon. >> monday marks the 100th day three of our colleagues have been imprisoned in egypt. the trial of peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and mohammed badr has been adjourned until thursday. egyptian officials falsely accused him of providing a platform to the outlawed muslim brotherhood. >> abdullah al-shami has been imprisoned without trial since august. al jazeera rejects the charges and is calling for their release. >> u.s. defense secretary chuck
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hagel is going to tour china's first aircraft carrier. he'll be the first foreign visit scror allowed on -- visitor allowed on board. >> chuck hagel kicked off a 10 day drip to asia and japan. >> president obama is working to close the pay gap for women. he'll sign two orders aimed at increasing transparency. the piers preventing -- first preventing contractors from punishing workers. secrecy about pay is a challenge in equal pay laws. president obama wants a rule requiring government contractors to reveal their employees pay, sex and race. >> we have got a lot of rain coming down very quickly in the south-east to start the day, and it will continue through the day, in fact, we'll add in
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another 3-5 inches of rainfall on top of what has fallen, which is 2-4 inches. we have excessive flooding in alabama and mississippi. the canal in the town started to overflow. we have problems that will continue clout the day today -- throughout the day today because the rain fall will continue and will train in the dark depreen or. from louisville, mississippi and alabama. we'll watch those. thunder storms will be popping up. the thunder storms will intensify the rain fall. it will bring in that intensified risk of flooding, which we have got. we'll continue the flood watches stretching to florida and georgia. it's not just the rain fall, it's the lightening, hail. a lot of reports came m in
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texas. hail reports up it an inch in diameter. we'll anticipate the storms to continue. that and the risk of a thunderstorm producing tornadoes, it's a dangers system and situation dealt with here in alabama, and mississippi. if there is a tornado, where there's a tornado watch, it could be rain wrapped. keep an eye to the sky. it will tell you where the warnings are popping up. the rain is pushing to the north-east and will get soggy. from b.c. to the new york state. the rain will arrive. it's getting nice and toasty. 90 degrees in los angeles. >> still ahead - afghan voters to find taliban threats to head
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to the polls. the outcome of the presidential election - what it means for america's future. >> remembering one of the worst genocides in modern history, how rwanda is honouring those killed in the violence. >> deadly shootings by albuquerque's police - why demonstrators say the officers are not the only problem.
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>> welcome back. afghan voters turned out in droves defining the threat of violence. a lot is riding on the election including whether american forces remain in the country. our correspondent is in kabul. >> in the end avering's presidential -- afghanistan's presidential election passed on comparatively peacefully. the deployment of 400,000 security it would have helped. there has been comparatively flue allegations of fraud.
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votes are being counted. it will be weeks before there's a declaration of the winner. the winner needs to win more than 50% of the vote to be dollared winner outright. without that there'll be a run-off, and that is the conventional wisdom. it will not be held until the end of may. once that has been counted it may not be until the end of the summer until afghanistan knows who the winner will be. waiting to sign is a bilateral security agreement. all the candidates standing for president said they'll sign it. the u.s. government wants the afghans to sign it because it wants to maintain u.s. troop presence for training and keeping the pressure on any al qaeda remnants in the country. the problem is logistics, because the agreement has not been signed, the u.s. government
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doesn't know how many troops will leave here. time is running out. both the afghan and u.s. governments. if this agreement is not signed before september october, it's going to be very difficult for the u.s. military to sort out how and where it's going to leave its troops here. that could be a potential concern for the future stability of afghanistan. >> bernard smith in kabul. at least 23 people were killed on election day. afghan officials say it was mostly soldiers and police officers. >> two decades ago nearly a million people were butchered. now the country is holding vige ills and ceremony in 1994. the bloodshed began 20 years ago when the president of rwanda's plane was shot down. it triggered one of the worst
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genocides in history. i'll ask god to thank him and ask him that genocide never happiness again. >> services will be held on thursday to honour those killed from the tutsis and hutus. >> a film-maker is free after spending three months under house arrest after being found guilty of sexually harassing women. he resigned as san diego's mayor after less than a year in office. >> hundreds are rallying for the albuquerque police department. it comes after a week of protests against the police department and their use of force. >> supporters of albuquerque's law enforcement gathered outside of police headquarters on sunday. >> the job that these guys do
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each and every day proves that at times they have to think quickly on their feet. there really is no other course of action. >> well, i'm concerned about the shootings, but am concerned about those that don't follow our laws. >> a week ago angry protesters battled the police. the protests had been sparked by the march 16th shooting of a mentally ill homeless man. the killing was captured on an officer's camera. a few days later another shooting outside an albuquerque housing project. alfred redwine threatened police with a gun, they say. his family says he was unarmed and holding a cell phone. >> this is where it happened? >> yes, that's where my.was shot and killed. >> michael gomez's son was shot and killed by the albuquerque
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police in 2011. it happened right here. the cop was over here, and he just decided that he was going to be the judge and the executioner. >> police said gomez was armed. that turned out not to be true. gomez believes the police department needs an overhaul. >> they'll be out of control until the leadership is changed. >> i got shot. it blew this off completely. >> this is a retired officer shot in the line of duty. she believes the officers who fate alley shot james boyd may have overreacted. >> there's about six officers standing close to him. all of them pointing a weapon at him. they all need more training.
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it gives it more thought before pulling the trigger. the albuquerque is being investigated by the department of justice and the fbi. the city council will meet to discuss the matter. both family members of the victims and police supporters will speak. >> 37 people have been killed in police shootings in albuquerque since 2010. the department is under federal investigation and possible civil rights violations. >> microsoft says it's walking away from windows xp for good on tuesday, offering no more security support or updates on the system. computers running the xp system will work, but many fear it leaves the door open to hackers. anyone running an antivirus program for firewall will be
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protected. >> experimental medicine is showing promising results for women with breast cancer. pfizer's drug results show it nearly doubled the time patients lived without tumours advancing. if approved it can generate more than $5 billion in sales. >> an unprecedented baptism taking place in argentina. the social change that the baby's parents hope will be brought to the country. >> a rescue in the high sees to save a stranded family and a sick child. >> two underdogs vowing for a title. a preview of the game between yukon and kept. -- and kentucky.
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>> an 8 and 7 playing for the championship. the kentucky coach told the media, "you counted us out. they wheeled me in on a casket and i jumped out saying we are not dead yet boys." >> neither team is ready for the cinderella story to end yet. >> i'm not satisfied. we have one more game to go. we have been through a lot this year. you know, we deserve to, you know, reward ourselves and go out and play hard. definitely not satisfied. >> despite being ranked number one to start the season, kentucky fell short of expectations. early losses sent them tumbling down the ranch, and the wildcats were not a top 25 team when march madness rolled around. >> they have an unbelievable
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will to win. they have been ridiculed, criticised. they were mauled. it made them stronger and come together. >> proving it's not how you start, kentucky used a clean slate of the post season to start again. aaron harrison knocked down three pointers putting kentucky up doctor this late run. >> he's not afraid to miss. if he miss, give me another one. i'll make another. the best players i have that played that way, they have amnesia from play to play. >> from connecticut, it's not youth but experience that flet the huskies. for the upper classmen it began last season. yukon was not allowed in last year because of poor academic
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scores. this year senior players could have transferred, but they stayed the course. >> we have been through a lot with each other. there's a group of guys that have been together for three years. we love each other and believe in each other. >> this is going through the dark days believing. they just believe in each other, no matter if they are down, if they can't play in an n.c.a. tournament. they believe, and they keep fighting. when everyone counts us out. we get up. that's what the university is all about. >> yukon more than bounce back. after needing overtime to beat st. joseph, they rattle upsets over a 2, 3, 4 and one seed for a chance to play for a third title. >> we feel like we have been doubted the whole season and heading into the tournament and winning the first game. that drives us, everybody is
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going out there and when people say that, we like to go out and pull people around, letting them know that yukon is on top. >> the lowest seed, seven seed and no seventh seed has won the title. >> that's a look at your sport. >> a baby girl is in stable condition after a dramatic rescue at sea. her parents sent a satellite distress call when their daughter became seriously ill. the boat lost power, they couldn't steer to land. the calf national guard team went ahead by air. press cuers par chuted into the water, stabilizing -- rescuers parachuted into the water stabilizing the girl. >> if you take a rescueman and a paramedic and a few years of
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training. that's what you have. >> i'm glad my little niece is being taken care of. >> the family was attempting to sale around the globe. they were two weeks into their trip. >> the child of a same-sex couple has been mapitiesed in a lerk -- bap tied in a latin america company. >> at the roman catholic cathedral an unprecedented baptism, and a blessing for the 2-month-old daughter of this lesbian couple. she is the first child of a same-sex couple in argentina known to receive the catholic sack re:. >> -- sack rement. >> the father told us he was waiting for a marriage like ourks a gay couple. he accepted us.
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the roman catholic church said yes to the baptism of a baby girl. the godmother is argentinian president ferguson. unable to attend she sent an aide as a representative. >> four years ago she signed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage. it came when the pope was the leader and opposed. he since said that all children have the right to be backtiffed. since his papacy he showed more openness to gays and lesbians. we hope to imagine this moment. we are waiting now. waiting for a wedding. >> they are legally married but request an official ceremony in ta catholic church. >> the couple who had their baby in january reached out to
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meredith kercher on facebook -- cristina fernandez de kirchner on facebook, and she agreed to be the godmother. >> that's it for al jazeera america. and the latest headlines, remember, on >> hello, you're at the listening . this week, presidential elections are less than two months away in egypt. are the media equipped or in the mood to cover the story? journalists shot at in pakistan, released by kidnapper is syria and warned by the prime minister in turkey. 24 hour news on t.v., all that


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